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Construction worker falls from plagued building

A construction worker plunged as many as four stories. Despite the seriousness of his injuries, he was not killed. The building has seen its fair share of violations in the past. “The building, 34 W. 17th St., has a history of unsafe conditions. The Department of Buildings in August levied a $1,000 fine on the […]

Street closures due to falling sheet metal

Blocks surrounding the Sheraton New York hotel in Midtown were closed Monday following an incident which involved 2 steel panels that fell onto parked cars. 52nd through 54th Streets along 7th Avenue were closed as a precaution after the 4×8 foot steel panels crashed, possibly from the 46th floor. Fortunately no one was hurt by […]

Could the fire in Dubai happen here in NYC?

On New Year’s Eve, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, located in Dubai, became engulfed in flames. The exterior of the tower, which is plated in Aluminum-Composite panels (thin sheets of metal over a plastic core), is what actually burned. Apparently these plates are commonly used, and even numerous buildings here in NYC are covered […]

Sink holes in playgrounds

A recent lawsuit brought on against a construction company blames its buildings for causing sinkholes in a nearby dog park as well as in the playground of the school adjacent to the property. According to a report on DNAinfo.com, “The builders and owners of 200 Chambers St., a soaring condo tower that sits behind. 234, are […]

Helping New York City trip or slip and fall victims recover compensation

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps for a good reason. From world-class shopping and museums to award-winning eateries and picturesque parks; regardless of the hour, there is never a shortage ways to amuse oneself in New York City. While the city’s many cultural, transportation and shopping options are certainly a […]

Elevator of Doom

A man was crushed and killed by an elevator after pushing a woman out of harms way on New Year’s Eve. The victim was injured (and subsequently killed) after “a malfunctioning elevator at 131 Broome Street killed a 25-year-old man shortly after midnight. Stephen Hewett-Brown had come to the building from the Bronx to attend […]

Rising workplace deaths: More violence or Less regulations?

In 2014 there were a record 78 deaths resulting from accidents of some type while at work. These do not necessarily exclude dangerous occupations such as the police or fire department or construction jobs. There has been a steady rise in workplace deaths since the recession hit in 2008. The deaths do not necessarily stem […]

Falling Debris

Around 10pm on Monday night, debris from construction work tumbled 35 stories from a Manhattan high rise on the Upper East Side. The accident seems to stem from the repointing that is being done to the outer walls of the building. More than 12 hours after the incident, the immediate streets around the scene of […]

Increase in Construction accidents

In the past two years, that has been a dramatic increase in construction accidents, due to the construction boom in this city. There have been over 300 injuries sustained in construction accidents in the past year and 10 people have been killed. In the period between July 2014 and July 2015, the percentage of accidents […]

Update: City contractor responsible for death of delivery man

The city contractor that was hired to remove and replace numerous trees as a part of a Hurricane Sandy restoration project has violated terms of their contract and thus became responsible for the death of a delivery man. “City contract rules required the firm, Carlstadt, N.J.-based RML Construction, to use four-person crews, including a foreman. […]

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