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Broken bones / fractures

Have you suffered a broken or fractured bone in a workplace accident? Fractures are one of the most common work-related …

Back Injury

Have you suffered a serious back injury on the job? Your injury may leave you with chronic pain, mobility issues, …

Falling Object Injury

Every year, about 50,000 workers are injured by falling objects. These accidents account for 5% of all workplace injuries. More …

Head Injuries

Have you suffered a head injury at work? Head injuries should always be taken seriously as even a sub-concussive blow …

Partial or Total Paralysis

Have you suffered a serious injury on the job that has left you with total or partial paralysis? In addition …

Long Term Disability

Have you suffered a disabling injury on the job? You may have many avenues for recovering benefits to maintain your …

Occupational Illness

Have you been diagnosed with an illness or disease that you believe is related to your job? Occupational illnesses are …

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