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New York Crane Accident Lawyers

Cranes are an integral piece of equipment in construction, dismantling, and assembling. A common sight at construction sites, factories, and dockyards, the sheer size and power of a crane means it can seriously injure or kill operators, workers, and pedestrians in a single if it is not correctly maintained and operated.

Have you been seriously hurt in a crane accident in NYC? Goidel & Siegel Injury Lawyers is prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our law office for a free consultation with a New York crane accident lawyer ready to put 30+ years of experience to work for you.

How Common Are Crane Accidents?

How Common Are Crane Accidents?

Between 2011 and 2017, the BLS’s Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reported 297 fatal crane accidents. That is an average of 42 fatal accidents per year. There were also 16 OSHA-reported crane accidents in 2019 alone that caused injury or death.

43% of these fatal crane accidents happened in the private construction industry with specialty trade contractors, heavy, and civil engineering construction having the highest number of deaths. Manufacturing accounted for 24% of fatal crane accidents.

While crane accidents represent a low share of construction accidents, they are often very serious. Crane accidents have a high risk of causing serious or catastrophic injury or death to not only the operator but anyone nearby. About half of workers fatally injured were crane operators while 31% were in extraction or construction fields.

New York tied with Florida for the second-highest number of fatal crane accidents between 2011 and 2017 after Texas. Both states had 16 fatal crane injuries while Texas had 50.

Common Causes of Crane Accidents in New York

About half of fatal accidents involving cranes happen when a worker is struck by an object or equipment. Most of these accidents occurred when the worker was hit by a falling object, usually an object put into motion or falling from a crane.

About 13% of fatal crane-related injuries are caused by transportation accidents and 14% of deaths are due to a fall to a lower level.

Compensation After a Crane Accident in NYC

Compensation After a Crane Accident in NYC

The primary source of compensation after a construction accident is workers’ compensation. In New York, this no-fault system entitles injured workers to benefits without proving negligence. However, your benefits are mostly limited to medical expenses, lost wages, and disability. The lost earnings you can recover are capped at two-thirds’ your wages with a maximum limit. You cannot recover compensation for pain and suffering and other losses through workers’ compensation.

At Goidel & Siegel, we are prepared to pursue the full compensation you deserve by exploring other avenues for compensation. You may be entitled to seek additional compensation through a third-party injury claim if someone other than your employer or co-worker caused your accident. This can include a negligent driver, contractor, or manufacturer.

You may also be entitled to hold the property owner or general contractor liable for your other losses under New York Labor Law. A Labor Law claim, like a third-party injury claim, does not impact your workers’ comp benefits but may entitle you to additional damages.

Labor Law 200 requires that you are provided with a worksite that is reasonably safe. You have the right to a safe workplace free of hazards and defects that can be predicted and controlled.
Under Labor Law 241, you have the right to proper safety equipment to perform your job. This may include eye protection, hearing protection, fall protection, and protection from falling objects.

Compensation After a Crane Accident in NYC

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Goidel & Siegel has represented injured construction workers for more than 30 years. We are prepared to assist with everything from filing your workers’ comp claim and representing you in hearings and appeals to pursuing additional compensation through NY Labor Law and third-party claims.

We understand just how devastating a crane accident can be and that you are relying on your benefits and potential claims to safeguard your health and financial future. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation with our New York crane accident lawyers to find out how our multilingual trial lawyers can help.

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