Construction Accidents Continue to Rise

Four construction workers were left dangling when the scaffolding they were standing on collapsed. The workers were fixing the windows on the top floor of the six story building when a cable broke and the scaffolding gave way.

The workers were initially saved by their harnesses until the FDNY arrived. Of the four, only 2 were seriously injured in the ordeal. In 2015 alone, construction accidents rose 34% and fatalities rose from 6 to 11 between 2014 and 2015.

Injuries and deaths at construction sites rose sharply in Fiscal Year 2015, to the highest levels in years. Construction injuries rose 34 percent to a total of 283 in the period June 30, 2014 and the same date in 2015, compared to 211 the previous year, according the Mayor’s Management Report. Work site fatalities rose as well over the period, from six to 11. In both cases, the levels are the highest seen since at least F.Y. 2010, Politico reported. The rise in accidents on-site has accompanied a boom in construction throughout the city, a grim cloud over an otherwise welcome development. There is no excuse for site managers to not ensure they are operating in code compliance and protecting the public at all times as they are required to do by law,” Alex Schnell, a spokesperson for the department, wrote in a statement.” 



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