Elevator Company Sued for Damages after Fatal Accident

On October 2nd a man was crushed and killed by the elevator while exiting it. The makers of the elevator are being sued by the Cobble Hill Homeowner’s Association. They “filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Manhattan federal court against Global Tardif Manufacturing Group, Leroy-Somer Motors and Drives, and Warner Brakes. They make produce a lift called the “Machine Room-Less Elevator with Leroy Somer Z2-Z3 AC Gearless Machine and Warner Brakes.” The suit, which seeks class action status, claims the model’s braking system cannot stop and hold a downward moving car carrying 125 percent of its weight capacity – flouting widely recognized safety standards.

The elevator dropped several floors unexpectedly before the man was killed. After the accident, the elevator was inspected (as was all the elevators in the building) and reports state that they needed immediate repair. Across the city, there are at least 60 buildings that have the same model elevator.

The suit is seeking money for repairs as well as for other expenses.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/brooklyn-apartment-building-sues-elevator-maker-death-article-1.2518253


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