Woman Hit and Killed during Car Chase

Car chase “Cops were driving in an unmarked car and deployed their flashing lights and sirens in an attempt to pull over the BMW at 116th ave and 225th street, said NYPD Queens South Chief David Barrere. But the suspect simply sped from the scene after ramming the unmarked police car on his way out, Barrere said.” The car matched the description of a car used in a burglary earlier that day. The car sped through a red light and slammed into a car traveling eastbound on Linden Boulevard.
The BMW flipped onto its side when a witness found a woman that was fatally injured in this accident. The driver of the BMW was then taken to the hospital with minor injuries and then was taken into police custody. The suspect is a life long parolee for murder. The woman who he hit and killed was 78 years old.

Source: NY Post


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