Snow and Ice on car roofs and winshields

Cleaning the snow and ice off one’s windshield and roof should be common sense and should in fact always be done. However here in NYC, it’s not necessarily a law and when driving after a snowstorm, a number of people only clean off part of the windshield; not all of it.

In states like New Jersey and Connecticut, it is state law to do so and if you don’t and are caught driving, you will be ticketed. “In the wake of this weekend’s powerful winter storm, State Senator Tony Avella (D), of Queens, is pushing a bill that would require drivers to clear their cars and trucks off before hitting the road, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported.

Leaving the ice and snow on the roof or windshield of your car can be dangerous to both the driver of the vehicle as well as the other motorists on the road. If one does not clean off the roof or windshield, it allows the ice or snow to come flying off, potentially hitting someone else’s car which can in turn cause broken windshields or accidents- people swerving to avoid the object or the object can cover the windshield which would then prevent the other driver from seeing.

As of now, the trucking industry is not opposing that this plan be put into a new bill, however in the past it has been shot down. “For critics it’s mostly a “limited government” issue, saying that there is no need to impose laws on what should be common sense.” Except for the fact that if it does not become a law, than people won’t feel obligated to do it even though they should.



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