Record lows despite headlines

The last few months of 2015 were plagued with numerous hit and run fatalities as shown by numerous news outlets. At the time of the accidents it seems as if traffic related deaths are up. However, different studies and reports show otherwise.

The city started keeping records of every traffic death in the city in 1910. In 2015 alone, the number of traffic deaths dropped from 257 (in 2014) to 231. This trend has been on a steady decline in recent years. These do not include pedestrian deaths (which were down to 134 in 2015).

These numbers do not include pedestrians and cyclists who were injured but not killed by motorists. “Still, a whopping 14,888 pedestrians and cyclists were injured by motorists last year, down about 80 from 2014, Streetsblog.”

“Mayor de Blasio touted Vision Zero, the plan to make the city’s streets safer and bring traffic deaths down to zero, for the historic dips in fatalities. At a school in Woodside near Queens Boulevard – one of the city’s deadliest thoroughfares that’s been slated for a partial redesign under Vision Zero – de Blasio announced an additional $115 million toward traffic improvements, which will go toward investments in street transformations, including a multi-million-dollar plan to make school routes safer and tackle traffic problems in Long Island City and Far Rockaway, among other sites in the five boroughs.”  



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