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Concerns raised about safety of New York City’s subway stations

New York City’s subway system is among the most extensive and heavily traveled in the world. With more than 660 miles of tracks and 468 underground and elevated stations servicing more than 1.75 billion people each year; it’s imperative that subway trains, tracks and stations are regularly inspected and maintained. According to the Metro Transportation […]

Walk at your own risk—Manhattan can be a dangerous place for pedestrians

On an average weekday, the already sizable population of Manhattan swells to nearly 4 million people, all of which are cramped into roughly 23 square miles. For city planners, these numbers present numerous challenges including how to safely and efficiently move so many people throughout, into and out of the city. On a daily basis, […]

New questions and concerns in the Takata airbag recall

Cars today are equipped with numerous safety features and technologies aimed to both prevent motor vehicle accidents and to prevent serious injury and death in the event an accident does occur. Front and side impact airbags are among those safety features credited with preventing the most injuries and saving the most lives. However, the recent […]

High concentration of NYC traffic accidents occur in Manhattan

Residents and commuters of New York City are accustomed to fighting traffic congestion. On a daily basis millions of taxis, buses, cars, bicycles and pedestrians crowd onto Manhattan’s streets and traffic jams are a common occurrence. With all of the commotion and distractions that often accompany a typical drive or walk throughout the city, it’s […]

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