Off-Duty Police Officer involved in accident

An early morning crash on the Grand Central Parkway involved an off-duty cop, an off-duty EMT and 2 friends, one of whom may have been drunk. A 22-year old friend came to the aid of a woman who crashed her car after driving drunk around 5 AM.

The drama began when the victim’s friend, also 22, slammed her 2014 Nissan into a median along the Whitestone Expressway near Grand Central Parkway about 5 a.m. after a night of drinking, police said. The impact left the Nissan disabled and the woman sitting in her car stranded on the right shoulder of the road, officials said. Instead of calling police, she called her girlfriend, who showed up in a 2015 Dodge a few minutes later. At around the same time, a good Samaritan off-duty EMT pulled over his 2008 Chevrolet to lend assistance. The EMT pulled up in front of the disabled car, leaving his car at an angle, officials said. As he and the two women waited for help to arrive, an off-duty NYPD lieutenant driving by, tried to swerve around the scene. But he ended up clipping off-duty EMT Christopher Pierce’s vehicle, which sent the young woman flying over the overpass, sources said. After plunging 30 feet, she was rushed to New York Presbyterian Queens in cardiac arrest, officials said. Her injuries are so severe that if she survives she may be paralyzed for the rest of her life, sources said.”

The off-duty cop has not been charged with anything even though he blew a .02 on a breathalyzer test (.02 is well below the legal limit of .08) In fact the initial woman who called her friend to help her, could be the one charged especially if her friend does not make it or if she is in fact paralyzed.

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