Man Injured by falling Crane Sues the City

A man injured in the February 5th accident, plans to sue the city for gross negligence when it came to securing a large boom crane during periods of high gusts of wind. Because of the accident, the man’s skull and spine were fractured and he plans to sue the city for $30 million.

In his suit he claims “the buildings department is guilty of “negligence, recklessness and carelessness” in how it monitored the construction site on Worth Street in lower Manhattan.” The city had prior knowledge of how strong the gusts of wind were supposed to be. They reached around 30 mph and the crane is supposed to be secured if there are wind gusts of at least 20 mph. “Workers who saw the accident said the crane fell when a sharp gust of wind blew it around as it was being lowered. A city building department crane inspector was on site to monitor the contractors who were lowering the crane because of the weather.

The boom crashed onto the roof of his car in which he was sitting in, while he waited for his daughter. The roof was crushed but he managed to get out alive, despite the severity of his injuries.

The lawyer for the injured man contended that the contractors and city had an obligation to get that crane lowered before the snowy winds started howling and to clear local streets of pedestrians and motorists before they started to move it. We believe the crane was lowered under the supervision of the city because they knew it was getting dangerous. But all those streets should have been shut down,” he said. The man also plans a suit against Bay Crane which owns the equipment, Glasso Transportation and Logistics which was the contractor operating it and the owner of the skyscraper under construction at Worth and Hudson Streets. A DOB spokesman said “the cause of the crane collapse on Worth Street remains under active investigation.” He said that even though the city already has “the most robust crane and construction regulations and inspection requirements in the country,” the task force investigating the accident is expected to “propose additional best practices and regulations where necessary.”



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