Is it time to give up driving?

As we age, our reflexes and our senses start to diminish. When driving, one needs to be fully alert, their reflexes in check and ultimately have 2 of their most basic senses be on the top of their games- sight and hearing.

However there comes a time where we are unable to react quickly enough or we can’t hear or see as well. At this time we should ask ourselves; “is it time I gave up driving?” It’s easier for us to come to the realization ourselves instead of having our loved ones tell us we can’t drive anymore.

In a touching letter written to the NY Post, 2 brothers write to their father, in hoping that they can convey their thoughts and feelings they have towards the fact that their father is still driving. A number of fender benders are caused by people who should not be driving only because they have reached that age where they cannot react quickly enough or they could not see or hear anyone coming. It’s not that they’re a bad driver; it’s just that they have reached a point where they should not be driving; it’s safer for them as well as safer for other cars and pedestrians alike. Even if no one gets hurt, just think of the insurance rates that soar with each fender bender; after a while it’s more expensive to own and care for a car than it is to pay for transportation services.

In New York City, not only is there public transit such as the subway and buses but fortunately we have taxis and even Access-A-Ride which caters to transporting the elderly to where they need to go.

In life there comes a time when we need to accept the fact that we are unable to do something anymore. In more cases than not we refuse to accept the fact that we cannot do it anymore and unfortunately driving a car is just one of those things.

To read the letter to the NY Post click here.


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