Increase in Fines for Railroad Crossings

In a recent legislative move by Governor Cuomo, drivers who jump the gate at different railroad crossings will face increased fines. According to an article found on the NY Daily News website, “The new penalties for drivers who do not stop and wait for gates at Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North crossings will be $750 for the second offense and $1,000 for the third offense taking place over a two-and-a-half-year period.”
This hopefully comes as a deterrent in order to make rail crossings (as well as other intersections) safer for trains, pedestrians and drivers. With this packaged deal, rail companies will also face fines if they fail to report any accidents.
“The deal is part of a rail safety package that expands grade crossing inspections on highways to once every two years. The state Department of Transportation will also launch a program coordinating inspections of traffic-control signals at rail crossings on highways.”
Both Metro-North and the Long Island Railroad have had their fair share of accidents in recent years and this deal will hopefully lower the number of accidents that happen between a train and another vehicle in the future.


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