More and more places are banning the use of these so-called hoverboards. Keane University located in New Jersey is just the latest institution that is banning these devices because of the fire hazards (they are now banned from all major airlines) . In Brooklyn last week (December 30) FDNY was called to an apartment in the Kingsborough Houses in Crown Heights. The fire started when the hoverboard, burst into flames as it was being charged. This is NYC first known fire from the hoverboards. However, there have been numerous reports of these devices smoking and sparking and even exploding while being plugged in to charge or from faulty batteries.

In November, the city legislature passed a law banning hoverboards from the streets of NYC, making them illegal. However, city officials are beginning to rethink this, therefore possibly lifting the ban.

There is currently no safety requirements in the Senate and Assembly bills but Weprin (State Assemblyman) said they are open to adding some if needed. In addition, they expect local municipalities to add their own safety rules – like helmet and knee pad requirements – once the hoverboards become legal.”

Should they in fact become legal? Feel free to express your comments and concerns in the comments section.






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