Driver fails to yield to pedestrian; hits and kills woman

In the early morning hours of Tuesday November 3rd an MTA bus driver, drove into an older woman as she crossed the intersection of Sackman Street and Fulton Street (part of the Broadway Junction) in Brooklyn. The bus, was not in service at the time therefore had no passengers aboard. However, after the bus driver made the turn and hit the woman, he stopped momentarily, and then drove off, heading back to the depot which is located only a few blocks away.

The driver, who was later identified as being a veteran driver for the MTA, drove the bus back to the depot after his shift thus leaving the scene of the fatal accident. Video surveillance shows the woman crossing the street while using a walker and the bus, waiting to make the left turn on to the street. The woman crossed and reached the middle of the street (the double yellow line) when the bus turned. As the bus turned, it cut the turn too short; making it tight and crossed the double yellow line. The bus was then put into use for a new shift with a new bus driver after reaching the bus depot.

After the leaving the scene, the driver was later tracked down and suspended without pay by the MTA. He was later charged with leaving the scene of an accident (a felony) as well as a failure to yield to pedestrians (a misdemeanor) as well a number of other traffic offenses.



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