Double Traffic Car Crashes

Two traffic car crashes occurred Wednesday morning. A deadly motorcycle accident shut down the north tube of the Lincoln Tunnel. The tunnel was closed for four hours after the crash that killed a 23-year-old woman driving her car on the back of a motorcycle and injured the 35-year-old driving the bike.

Meanwhile, on a Long Island Railroad track, a car bust into flames disrupting service on the Ronkonkoma and Port Jefferson branches. The driver of the car, a 30-year-old man, was charged with a DWI.

Motorcyclists have essentially no physical protection when an accident occurs, and outcomes of motorcycle accidents often include serious injuries. Any motor vehicle collision can be a major hassle and suffering substantial injuries from it can be an emotional nightmare. The personal injury lawyers at Goidel & Siegel, LLP, will put your needs and concerns first if you were injured by a negligent driver.

Image depicts a traffic view from a NYC taxi.


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