Does Vision Zero actually work?

Vision Zero, the recent brain-child of Mayor de Blasio has come under heavy criticism after a spike in recent fatal automobile and pedestrian accidents. There have been an alarming 11 pedestrian deaths citywide since October 31, 2015.

There has been widespread criticism about the new program regarding its results and if it actually works. The number of accidents is spread across the 5 boroughs, meaning there is not one specific area that needs to be looked at more than another area. Despite the recent spike in accidents, the Mayor has stated how overall the number of pedestrian fatalities has dropped from 119 last year to 107 this year.” Police Commissioner William Bratton said Monday that NYPD officers have issued 12,000 more speeding tickets than a year ago and increased the number of tickets given for failing to yield. He attributed the rash of deaths to a random statistical “spike” and said officers would remain vigilant in enforcing traffic rules.” (

The first step in which Vision Zero took, was to lower the speed limit citywide to 25 mph. And the number of speeding tickets that were issued, rose to 104,000 (12,000 more than last year). There has also been an increase in the number of tickets issued for “failing to yield to pedestrians” (31,000 this year, up from 27,000 last year).

In response to this, some city lawmakers feel as if we should also check out the problem at the pedestrian level. “The city tried a jaywalking crackdown in 2014 but it stalled amid criticism that an elderly man was hurt and flustered by cops questioning him for walking across the street against the light.”

de Blasio, still stands by this program, stating how the streets of New York are safer than they ever been as well as the fact that the city is on a good pace to see a record low of deaths. “Vision Zero is working,” said de Blasio, who touted that last year’s number of pedestrian deaths was the lowest in a century. “This has just begun. This is an effort that is just over a year old and is already yielding real results.” (


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