Delivery Man injured by falling tree in Brooklyn Park

Around 1 pm Monday afternoon, a Chinese food delivery man was struck and critically injured by a falling tree limb inside of Coffey Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A contractor from the city’s Park Department was cutting down the tree when it fell and pinned the delivery man. He was then taken to Methodist Hospital with serious injuries. The removal of the tree was part of a project for Post-Hurricane Sandy that included removing and replacing trees and other greenery in the park.

In a statement released by the Parks Department, “NYC Parks is conducting a thorough investigation of this incident. There is no further immediate danger to the public. A city source said the contractor was doing work as part of a post-Hurricane Sandy tree-replacement project. The city is looking into what precautions were being taken by the contractor.” 

The standards put in place by city workers include, traffic cones, caution tape and a worker on the ground to ensure the safety of those who are walking by the area.



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