Chain reaction accident on FDR

Sunday afternoon, there were 4 NYPD vehicles involved in a chain reaction crash that closed down part of the FDR in Harlem. A total of 8 people were involved in the crash (7 police officers and 1 civilian), a second civilian was not injured and refused medical attention at the scene.

ABC 7 reports, “The officers, assigned to the department’s elite new “SRG” tactical unit, had been travelling in convoy southbound at East 116th Street, when a car ahead of them slowed down. The first police car rear-ended that civilian, causing a chain-reaction that also included one other civilian car, which rear ended a third police vehicle. At least three officers were placed on backboards and hospitalized; cops say they, and at least one other driver, suffered only minor injuries.”

The injured persons were transported to the hospital with only minor injuries.



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