Are Uber Drivers Involved in More Crashes?

A news report has come to light saying that Uber drivers are more likely to be involved in a deadly crash than compared to regular yellow taxi cab drivers. From July to December of last year, Uber drivers were involved in 5 fatal crashes (only 1 driver was technically at fault). During that time, only 1 yellow cab driver was involved in a fatal crash (after working for 16 straight hours).

“Uber-affiliated cars were involved in at least 753 collisions that caused an injury, according to the data — a rate below the industry average.TLC officials said the data provides a comprehensive picture of safety in the for-hire sector. Considering the popularity of for-hire vehicle service in New York City, this report represents one important tool to help consumers make informed choices,” TLC Chair Meera Joshi said in a statement. “For those bases where the report indicates some room for improvement, it will provide a powerful incentive for them to take positive action.”

Source: NY Daily News


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