A cautionary tale for why it’s important to seek medical care after an accident

The 2012 death of a 46-year old Queens man serves as a stark reminder that there’s no such thing as a minor car accident. According to court documents, in late December of 2011, 46 year old Anthony DiCiervo Jr. was driving to work in his Chevy Camaro when he was rear-ended by a truckthat was owned at operated by the Brooklyn Bottling Corporation.

While DiCiervo later told his wife that he hit his head in the accident, his vehicle suffered little damage and he claimed to feel fine and therefore did not see a doctor. However, in the days that followed, his wife noted that her husband and father of three complained of a stiff neck and headaches. She also noticed that he had no appetite and was sleeping more than usual.

DiCiervo decided to drive himself to the hospital, but suffered a stroke prior to arriving and was unable to get out of the car. After spending a few days at the hospital, his condition appeared to improve and he was moved to a rehabilitation facility. Three days later, he died.

DiCiervo’s wife subsequently filed a lawsuit in which she claimed that the Brooklyn Bottling Corporation was responsible for causing her husband’s death. During a recent 10-day trial, a jury heard testimony detailing how the 46 year old suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was rear-ended by the truck and how this injury is ultimately what led to his untimely death.

The jury sided with DiCiervo’s wife and the defense agreed to a $10 million settlement. While nothing can every bring back their loved one, the settlement ensures that DiCiervo’s widow and three sons now have access to much-needed financial support.

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