Vision Zero; Still Hopeful?

By 2024, the city of New York hopes to be able to say that there are no longer any traffic deaths. However in 2016, we are barely even close to being able to say anything similar to that notion.

Even the police commissioner agrees. “You’re not going to get to zero,” Bratton said Thursday morning while addressing the crowd at the annual Transportation Alternatives conference. “You can’t do it, but it’s still a great goal … As long as we have humans who are walking, riding bicycles, driving cars, you can’t do it.”

In an article posted on to the NY Posts’ website, it states, “Transportation Alternatives has repeatedly criticized the mayor for not doing enough to work toward the goal. The group put out a report earlier this year saying that, at the current rate of death and injury reduction on the streets, New York City will not reach the zero deaths mark until 2055. That would make for about 1,800 unnecessary deaths over three decades.”

Vision Zero is the new program that was put into place by Mayor Bill de Blasio as a way to decrease the amounts of traffic deaths to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. However this plan has recently come under fire due to the spike in accidents (not necessarily deaths) in recent months. The fact that it has not worked yet, might not necessarily mean that it won’t work at all. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below on what you think of Vision Zero.



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