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Snow and Ice on car roofs and winshields

Cleaning the snow and ice off one’s windshield and roof should be common sense and should in fact always be done. However here in NYC, it’s not necessarily a law and when driving after a snowstorm, a number of people only clean off part of the windshield; not all of it. In states like New […]

Safer Intersections for All

Throughout the city, little “islands” are popping up between bicycle lanes and other traffic lanes in order to make this city safer for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists alike. “When DOT presented plans for a protected bike lane on Sixth Avenue, one point of contention was the design of intersections. How many intersections will get split-phase […]

Record lows despite headlines

The last few months of 2015 were plagued with numerous hit and run fatalities as shown by numerous news outlets. At the time of the accidents it seems as if traffic related deaths are up. However, different studies and reports show otherwise. The city started keeping records of every traffic death in the city in […]

Is drinking the cause of pedestrian accidents?

A new study has been published and states that a lot of the pedestrians that have been killed by drivers in the past decade have died due to the fact that they were drunk at the time. “The analysis by Alcoholic.org found 18 percent of pedestrians over age 16 who were fatally struck were boozed […]

Hit and Runs continue

The city has continued to be plagued by careless drivers. Over the weekend there were at least 2 pedestrians killed in separate accidents. However what they both have in common is the fact that the drivers left the scene after striking and killing the person. The first accident occurred Friday night in the Bronx near […]

Chain reaction accident on FDR

Sunday afternoon, there were 4 NYPD vehicles involved in a chain reaction crash that closed down part of the FDR in Harlem. A total of 8 people were involved in the crash (7 police officers and 1 civilian), a second civilian was not injured and refused medical attention at the scene. ABC 7 reports, “The […]

Pedestrian injuries; will they ever end?

It’s only January 4th 2016 and there have already been reports of another pedestrian who was severely injured by a motorist who then left the scene of the accident. Friday night at around 9:20 pm, a man was crossing 93rd Avenue (in Jamaica, Queens) when he was struck by a black SVU. The driver of […]

Is it time to give up driving?

As we age, our reflexes and our senses start to diminish. When driving, one needs to be fully alert, their reflexes in check and ultimately have 2 of their most basic senses be on the top of their games- sight and hearing. However there comes a time where we are unable to react quickly enough […]

Crime prevention and liability

Increasingly, we live in a society in which the movements and actions of average citizens are captured on video. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City, the city took steps to erect thousands of public surveillance cameras. As of February of this year, the New York City Police […]

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