Sink holes in playgrounds

A recent lawsuit brought on against a construction company blames its buildings for causing sinkholes in a nearby dog park as well as in the playground of the school adjacent to the property. According to a report on, “The builders and owners of 200 Chambers St., a soaring condo tower that sits behind. 234, are at fault for recurring patches of sinking land, and need to pay to remedy the problem, according to the suit filed in Manhattan Civil Court on Dec. 11. Problems with sinkholes began several years ago, between 2005 and 2007 when the condo was being constructed, the suit said. The city sold the property behind the school to the developer Jack Resnick & Sons in 2005.”

During the first few years during and after the construction of the high-rise building, it caused parts of the playground to “slide” away from the school, leaving a noticeable gap within the surface of the playground. The construction company filled in the holes, but apparently the work was only sub-par. “Several years later, after Hurricane Sandy struck, “sinkholes” emerged once again, this time along the property lines that separate the school playground from the condo property, the suit said. Land also sunk between the condo and adjacent dog park. The city owns the dog run land, though Dog Owners of TriBeCa, Incorporates the park. The city said that in 2013 it filled the school’s sinkholes, and created a temporary asphalt patch, then had to return in November of 2014 to “again repair the depressions” and make the yard “safe for students.”

As for the dog park, there has been a fence constructed around the area in which the sinkholes are, in order to protect the dogs and their owners.



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