GM fails to dismiss first trial against them

General Motors, the Detroit-based Motor Vehicle Company is seeking to dismiss the evidence brought up against them in the case that has led to numerous others against the company. In 2014, GM was sued because of a faulty ignition switch which prevented the airbags from deploying after an accident. The case (along with numerous others) claims that the faulty ignition switch can cause faulty airbag deployments and engines to stall.

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan said the plaintiff, Robert Scheuer, presented enough evidence to justify letting a jury decide whether an alleged ignition switch defect in his 2003 Saturn Ion caused or enhanced his injuries from a 2014 crash. Furman also refused to accept GM’s argument that Scheuer’s claims arising solely from the Detroit-based automaker’s conduct following its 2009 bankruptcy failed as a matter of law. These claims included GM’s alleged failure to properly warn Scheuer about the defect, and were the only claims that could expose GM to punitive damages, the judge wrote.

In February 2014, the company began to recall over 2.6 million vehicles in order to fix the defect. Of these vehicles, they include Saturn Ions, Chevrolet Cobalts as well as other GM vehicles. It is important to note however, that the company may have known about the defects beforehand (as much as a decade earlier).



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