Elevator of Doom

A man was crushed and killed by an elevator after pushing a woman out of harms way on New Year’s Eve. The victim was injured (and subsequently killed) after “a malfunctioning elevator at 131 Broome Street killed a 25-year-old man shortly after midnight. Stephen Hewett-Brown had come to the building from the Bronx to attend a New Year’s Eve party when he got caught in a stalled elevator on the third floor at 11:30 p.m., the New York Daily News reports. He helped Erude Sanchez, 43, escape the elevator just before it plummeted down the shaft, but in trying to escape himself, he got stuck between the elevator and the shaft and suffered a traumatic injury.”The victim did not live in the building, but he was attending a party on the 15th floor.

As the woman entered the elevator, she felt it dropping fearing she was going to get her feet caught in the gap. However the elevator suddenly dropped, catching the victim between the car of the elevator and the third floor.

Conflicting reports say that it took emergency responders at least 20 minutes to arrive at the scene while a resident of the building desperately tried to free to injured man. This is not the first problem which the building has had.

“The building, a subsidized, below-market-rate rental complex, has four open Buildings Department violations and its owner Grand St. Guild East HDFC, owes $700 in fines for elevator maintenance lapses. Some of the most recent problems that according to city records remain unaddressed were first identified during a 2012 inspection.”



NY Daily News

NY Post


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