We Target Maximum Compensation For Construction Site Accident Victims

There are thousands of active construction sites at any given time in New York City. Construction workers face serious hazards and risks on a daily basis, and construction accidents that could and should have been prevented are unfortunately common. In addition, other industrial occupations often create exposure to dangerous equipment and an array of other injury risks.

If Negligence Caused Your Work Site Accident, We Will Go The Distance To Prove It

Workers' compensation benefits are available to the great majority of New York employees hurt on the job. However, those benefits are strictly limited in amount and duration. After any life-altering or fatal workplace accident, it can be crucial to consult attorneys with successful experience prosecuting third-party claims against negligent property owners and other liable entities or individuals.

At Goidel & Siegel LLP in Manhattan, our lawyers have decades of experience representing people injured on construction sites and other work sites. Specifically, founding partner Jonathan Goidel is widely respected for his knowledge of New York's Labor Law and Industrial Code rules. In numerous cases, we have helped our clients obtain financial compensation far exceeding what was available under workers' comp laws.

Our firm's prior successes in this nuanced area of personal injury law include:

  • Obtaining a $3.5 million total settlement from multiple defendants for an elevator worker who suffered fractures and internal injuries when his work platform collapsed, causing him to fall down an unguarded elevator shaft
  • Obtaining a $2.1 million settlement for a worker who fell from scaffolding, endured the impact of falling sheet metal, and suffered devastating knee injuries

Benefit From A Free Case Evaluation · We Fight The Good Fight For Injured NYC Workers And Their Families

Results such as these have elicited respect and admiration from many attorneys practicing primarily in other areas of law. We are honored to receive many referrals from lawyers familiar with our diligence and focus on client service when representing work site injury victims. For a free consultation and case evaluation, please call (212) 840-3737 or reach out to us via email.