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Consumers warned about exploding e-cigs

For years now, the many health risks and dangers associated with smoking cigarettes have been widely publicized. In response, several states throughout the U.S., including New York, have passed anti-smoking legislation which ban smoking in workplaces, restaurants and bars. Faced with declining customers and profits, tobacco companies began marketing and selling electronic cigarettes, which were […]

Update: City contractor responsible for death of delivery man

The city contractor that was hired to remove and replace numerous trees as a part of a Hurricane Sandy restoration project has violated terms of their contract and thus became responsible for the death of a delivery man. “City contract rules required the firm, Carlstadt, N.J.-based RML Construction, to use four-person crews, including a foreman. […]

Delivery Man injured by falling tree in Brooklyn Park

Around 1 pm Monday afternoon, a Chinese food delivery man was struck and critically injured by a falling tree limb inside of Coffey Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A contractor from the city’s Park Department was cutting down the tree when it fell and pinned the delivery man. He was then taken to Methodist Hospital […]

Are Airbnb rentals safe and reliable?

The popular site, Airbnb -which allows people to rent a place or host their home to people for short amounts of time- has been apart of a booming industry in the past year or so. However, since it has become so popular, injuries and even death are now inevitable. A New York Times article showcased […]

Does Vision Zero actually work?

Vision Zero, the recent brain-child of Mayor de Blasio has come under heavy criticism after a spike in recent fatal automobile and pedestrian accidents. There have been an alarming 11 pedestrian deaths citywide since October 31, 2015. There has been widespread criticism about the new program regarding its results and if it actually works. The […]

Are NYC cabbies working too long per shift?

This past weekend New York City saw a number of tragic motor vehicle accidents. However, of the accidents, one incident stands out and may lead one to think that maybe it could have in fact been avoided. Around 12:40 am on Sunday, a New York City taxi driver, hit an older woman near Columbus Avenue […]

MTA bus driver involved in fatal hit-and-run accident

According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, as of 2014, there were more than 5,700 buses traveling more than 300 routes through the city’s five boroughs. The men and women who drive these buses have difficult jobs and are accountable for the safety of bus passengers as well other drivers, passengers and pedestrians with whom they […]

Driver fails to yield to pedestrian; hits and kills woman

In the early morning hours of Tuesday November 3rd an MTA bus driver, drove into an older woman as she crossed the intersection of Sackman Street and Fulton Street (part of the Broadway Junction) in Brooklyn. The bus, was not in service at the time therefore had no passengers aboard. However, after the bus driver […]

As the number of cyclists have risen, so have the injuries

As the number of bicycle riders has increased, so has the number of accidents which involve bicycles as well as other motorists. According to an article in the New York Times, from 1998 to 2013, the number of injuries that have been reported by cyclists have risen almost 30% and hospitalizations due to bicycle accidents […]

Across the country, number of drugged-driving accidents increase

The dangers associated with drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car are well documented. Anti-drunk driving campaigns coupled with harsh drunk driving laws have helped raise public awareness about and curb the number of drivers in New York City who are arrested for DWI. While this is welcome news, a recent study […]

When property owners are negligent, accidents are likely to occur

Living in a large urban city like New York City has many advantages. From shopping and eateries to nightclubs and public transportation options; city residents have a plethora of options. However, with these options and the sheer number of people who both live in and commute into the city; there are also certain disadvantages and […]

Car crashes into pedestrians waiting for bus, injures 4

As we detailed in a recent blog post, New York City’s streets can be a dangerous place for pedestrians. However, most pedestrians likely believe that they are relatively safe while walking down or standing along the city’s sidewalks. A recent car accident involving a mother and four children who were waiting for a school bus […]

Concerns raised about safety of New York City’s subway stations

New York City’s subway system is among the most extensive and heavily traveled in the world. With more than 660 miles of tracks and 468 underground and elevated stations servicing more than 1.75 billion people each year; it’s imperative that subway trains, tracks and stations are regularly inspected and maintained. According to the Metro Transportation […]

Walk at your own risk—Manhattan can be a dangerous place for pedestrians

On an average weekday, the already sizable population of Manhattan swells to nearly 4 million people, all of which are cramped into roughly 23 square miles. For city planners, these numbers present numerous challenges including how to safely and efficiently move so many people throughout, into and out of the city. On a daily basis, […]

New questions and concerns in the Takata airbag recall

Cars today are equipped with numerous safety features and technologies aimed to both prevent motor vehicle accidents and to prevent serious injury and death in the event an accident does occur. Front and side impact airbags are among those safety features credited with preventing the most injuries and saving the most lives. However, the recent […]

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